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Going Green


Simple Things We Can Do to Help Protect the Earth... 

  • Use long-lasting light bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also flip the light switch off when you leave the room!
  • Conserve water. The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater that eventually end up in the ocean.
  • Choose sustainable. Learn how to make smart seafood choices online at
  • Plant a tree. Trees provide food and oxygen. They help save energy, clean the air, and help combat climate change.
  • Don't send chemicals into our waterways. Choose non-toxic chemicals for your home and garden
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Cut down on what you throw away. Follow the three "R's" to conserve natural resources and landfill space.


When you further your own education

you can help others understand the

importance and value of our natural resources


Going Green? 

Sometimes collecting art and objects is viewed as stuffy and old-fashioned but today, buying art, sculptures or furniture can be an important experience and ecologically responsible. More people of all generations are looking at the way we consume and how it impacts the planet. Growing trends focus on ethical consumption and urging people to thrift clothing instead of fueling the existing clothing market. The very same idea can be applied to the items within your home. Essential art and objects can be an important part of an eco-friendly lifestyle. By recycling and reusing items, we experience something new in our life that also helps slow the demand for modern furniture and product markets that utilize massive amounts of wood, synthetic materials, and plastics.  

Perhaps a few suggestions to think about...

  • Keep in mind, there is a difference between antiquing and building a collection.  Building a collection takes time and often a larger budget and should be done with care, while antiquing is more about hunting for items to use within your home. 
  • If possible, try to get your hands on a piece of art or an object.  We all reflexively use Ebay and Amazon, but there is a lot to be said for holding something in your hands and supporting a local thrift store or art gallery when you buy their products.
  • Figure out what objects you need in your home and then see if you can find an equivalent before looking at a modern company. Traditional furniture can have significant value as well as sustainability. Modern furniture may not stand the test of time unless it is from a premier designer like Herman Miller.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  If you’re not sure about a particular item or style don’t be afraid to find a pro and ask for their help.
  • Always check for condition.  If something is in poor condition are you up to the challenge of fixing it on your own or paying for someone else to make any necessary repairs.

Don’t like the color of that new chest of drawers? 

Please, please make sure you’re not painting or staining over an original patina and then have fun with your project. Up-cycling isn’t a crime as long as you do your research and confirm you aren’t damaging an original finish or an important piece. Ask a friend or a professional if you are not certain.

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Valuation Services

Bread n Butter Antiques
- Digital Asset Tracking -

Asset Tracking

Our organization has
deployed the use of blockchain
to offer digital asset tracking
for all valuation objects.
~ About Our Services ~

How does blockchain technology work?
Blockchain tech is actually rather easy to understand at its core.
Essentially, it's a shared database populated with entries that must be confirmed and encrypted.
Think of it as a kind of highly encrypted and verified shared Document,
in which each entry in the sheet depends on a logical relationship to all its predecessors.

Blockchain technology offers a way to securely and
efficiently create a tamper-proof log of
sensitive activity

Every industry from international money transfers to shareholder records are preparing
to reduce fraud with the use of blockchain technology.

Free Initial Consultation 

Estates, Appraisals and Valuation Services

The Estates, Appraisals & Valuations Department can provide all the services needed to manage collections and manage the transition of such collections from generation to generation proactively or reactively. Our clients, whether private individuals, corporate or professional advisers, are responsible for the entire contents of numerous historic family homes, extensive corporate collections, or discrete collections assembled by connoisseurs. Estates, Appraisals & Valuations provides a single contact, the Account Manager, to guide clients through the valuation process and to offer them access to global specialist expertise of BnB.

Auction Estimates

BnB is able to react swiftly to prospective sale valuations, ranging from a few select works of art to large collections spanning multiple properties and art categories. We advise how best to offer the works for sale in order to achieve the highest returns and provide you with specialist service and guidance throughout the sale process.


BnB provides authoritative appraisals of the highest standard for fine and applied arts, and many collecting categories. We are able to offer a highly efficient service taking into account a client's requirements. BnB Estates, Appraisals & Valuations Department issues appraisals for the following purposes: 

  • Charitable Donation
  • Establish Cost Basis
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Tax
  • Financial Planning
  • Gift Tax
  • Insurance
  • Loan Collateral 

Appraisals & the Internal Revenue Service (US)

Estates, Appraisals & Valuations in the US has extensive experience providing appraisals that appear before the Art Advisory Panel of the Internal Revenue Service. BnB appraisals meet IRS standards and are in accordance with the industry’s generally accepted appraisal practices. Each year we provide hundreds of appraisals for IRS related purposes.

Collection Management

BnB appraisals and valuations may be easily transferred and managed on Codex, a leading digital asset tracking and collection management platform that set the standard for the global art industry. Codex is a platform to integrate all collection-care and management tools in a single experience that is comprehensive, engaging, mobile, and secure.

Removal & Storage

Where appropriate, Estates, Appraisals & Valuations Account Managers can oversee the arrangements for any insurance, packing and shipping. We can also provide storage for property awaiting sale with BnB. For any property not suitable for sale at BnB we arrange for competitive bids from regional firms ensuring a full and efficient solution for estates.

Thank You to all of our valuation clients!

When we are asked to provide a valuation for an item we are not able to appraise, we let the client know up front and utilize a network of contacts to find an expert.

Free Initial Consultation - A valuation may not always be expensive, however it may have value. I am certainly not interested in reviewing your objects, only to follow up with a document to explain why your art or objects are worth less than you expected.

We will never perform a valuation that we don’t believe serves the best interest of the client. At BnB Antiques, we have extensive hands-on experience and the ability to embrace the use of technology in our valuation process.

We are experienced professionals. We dedicate an extensive amount of time researching auction catalogs as well as attending live events. We are excited to be an organization completely immersed in the marketplace of material culture.

With a deep understanding of how to use and interpret online pricing databases, we are confident our services provide the expertise necessary to help anyone who would like a valuation of a work of art or decorative object.

Many of my clients today are concerned that precious family heirlooms will not be preserved for future generations.

  • Attention to detail and a humble devotion to integrity.
  • US-PAP compliant valuations that are prepared with expert knowledge and foresight.

Perhaps a valuation can be a simple list of objects with prices, but our organization works diligently to ensure every valuation we complete is about a whole lot more than just a list of stuff and how much it is worth.

Family history is priceless. If an item that has been passed down for many generations has significant meaning to a family, then it does change the value of the item. Most families are unwilling to part with family heirlooms despite their value in the retail marketplace. Many of our existing clients simply want to see important pieces saved for future generations.

  • We are dedicated to responsibility and required to show our work. 
  • During the evaluation of each item, we are doing our homework
  • Documenting the process, and making sure the valuation we provide is exceptional.

Hourly Rate

We take things step by step. We will never perform a valuation that does not serve the best interest of the client.

 Base rate is currently $175 per hour for field work and research, and $15 per hour for clerical work.

Kurt Costello - Valuation Professional

Consulting on objects for individuals, collectors, corporations and government entities

 ~ Valuation Services ~

Examples of Current Client Objectives:

Probate, estate, tax, and equitable distribution
Dissolution of marriage and business transactions
Expert witness testimony
Insurance Coverage
Damage Claims
Charitable contributions
General knowledge of values

Any family that has a recorded history for more than 100 years is significant for the purposes of historical conservation and preservation.

Items your family has collected may have historical significance and can be saved from being discarded or sold. Without a professional valuation, there is a risk that important family heirlooms and historical objects could be lost forever. Estate Sales are another way to accomplish this objective; however they often focus on liquidation of assets for monetary purposes. Our focus is always on conservation and preservation of family history for educational purposes.  

What is Digital Asset Tracking?
In simple terms,
can be described as

a data structure
that holds transaction
records and while
ensuring security,
transparency and

We utilize Blockchain
as a chain of linked
records stored in

the forms of blocks
which are controlled
by no single authority 


I began a career path to the field of valuation by building up my knowledge base. I can walk into any estate and say ‘okay, this is a 17th century painting, this is a 19th century piece of silver, and, wait a minute, this is a contemporary piece of bronze'. In other words, prior to choosing a category of specialization, I became a generalist first and received a sufficient education that gives me an art historical background to assess a spectrum of items from different eras. Let’s not stop there. I also understand the art market; art valuation is, after all, a business skill. I received an education that gives me both the necessary art history knowledge as well as the ability to see art and objects within the context of today’s market, I have set myself up for a successful career.

Research - There are countless types of rare objects I have encountered in my valuation career and countless others I may come across as I explore the field. It is a lifelong apprenticeship and I will never stop learning, but it is impossible to know it all. This is where key research tools and skills come into play. The Internet provides a lot of the answers about objects under question as well as art market subscription tools, such as Artprice and Artnet. However, to really get the right answers, I consult a variety of bibliographical, auction trade, and primary art market sources. This process is part of a defined method that was developed to make sure to cross-reference (to cover all the bases), and paint a complete picture of an object’s past.

I am able to apply critical analytical skills in my effort to analyze the vast amount of data gathered, as not all sources are created equal. I have developed a methodology of valuation and figured out the sources that are most reliable. It is important for me to determine where I will start, how I will summarize the results, and most importantly I make sure that I take all criteria into consideration when conducting the research for our assessment—provenance, history of exhibition, scholarly publications, materials, dimensions, dates, and condition.

Planning - Valuation is an expanding field that is seeping out of its traditional borders of private and institutional collections, trusts, and estates. For instance, with the proliferation of banks, art advisories, and related businesses that lend money against works of art, there is now a growing need for knowledgeable professionals that can prepare appraisal reports for collateral loans and art leasing purposes.

The growth of online art auctions has likewise contributed to the expanding need. The online space of art and object sales transactions poses a greater challenge for telling apart what is real and what is not. As a valuation expert, I help establish the correct value and mitigate risk. As a valuation specialist, I may serve as a frequent aid to lawyers, called upon to testify on the authenticity or value of a work in cases of equitable distribution, debt, damage, loss, or fraud.

Valuation skills will always remain important within the art world. In fact, it is an indispensable career prerequisite—in order to go about any of the professional art trades, one must learn the basic skills of valuation.

~ Summertime Art Print ~ 

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~ Shop ~

Summer 2021

- Beach Accessories -


Outdoor Side Awning for SUV Portable-with hardware for mounting to vehicle.

Ideal for shade at the beach or outdoor events.

For anyone who may be interested ..

Please send an email message regarding 'Portable Awnings' to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 ~ Shop Online ~

we have new Cotton Canvas Tents for


(also known as)

Luxury Camping

accessories, bedding, lighting & furniture


~ Glamping 2021 ~

We have new and contemporary items such as... 

 Seasonal Decorative Pillows

Check out the fun items anyone can find at our shop...

Silverware, Antique Silver and Pewter, Antique Musical Instruments, Depression Glass, Antique Photographs, Perfume Bottles, Antique Christmas Ornaments, Canning Jars, Arts and Crafts Era Furniture, Mid Century Chairs, Antique Luggage, Elaborate Picture Frames, First-edition Books, Globes & Maps, Antique Lamps

 George Bjorkland Watercolor on Paper

Our wish is to exceed expectations by providing all of the information

required to make a well informed, decision regarding preservation of family history

in the evaluation of art, antiques and collectibles.

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About Us

Bread n Butter Antiques LLC

- Private Collection - 

BnB is for 'bread n butter' plates, our petite passion.

- Mission -

 Strive to be of value

Doing Well By Doing Good

Our goal is an essential experience

that is good for the individual, family and the Earth

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Conservation and preservation of material culture.

In the beginning I was a collector of stamps.

My grandfather gave me an antique watch and our family entrusted me with a treasure trove of objects. Part of a family of collectors, I live in a home filled with art and antiques inherited from family. Understandably there are some incredible antiques in a family from the Philadelphia region for over 300 years. Once you enter the Gallery, it is obvious that we love to collect beautiful objects for display in our curated exhibits.

Everyone in our family has a true appreciation for family heirlooms and our focus is on preservation and provenance.

I was the only son to get the collecting bug, and like most collectors, I started out early. Trunks, suitcases, and boxes sealed for generations, filled with objects that had belonged to our ancestors. Rooting around and unearthing precious items under the house one day, I decided I wanted to be involved with the conservation of historical objects in one way or another. I decided to study material culture and after many hours of study...I still have much to learn. I received my certification as a valuation professional and today remain focused on conservation. I find many homes like our own, with art or objects passed down for many generations.

The Art Gallery has been transformed into a Boutique Hotel with unique guest rooms and breakfast served daily.

Guests have an opportunity to experience essential luxury in a historic Philadelphia home and neighborhood.


Etsy is our online Boutique

Bread n Butter Antiques

- Fine Gifts and Interiors - 

Etsy is a pleasure to work with and it is amazing to see such beautiful items all in one place. There are many talented artists that it is easy to consider this venture more artistic than entrepreneurial.

I am a collector of material culture with a passion for provenance and photography. The Art Gallery is an alternative space to showcase art and objects. We invite artists to display their artwork along with the art and objects in the collection. The Art Gallery emerges from the perfect historical home to showcase our entire collection. Historically inspired interior design with a modern twist of essential luxury.

The BnB Antiques and Art Gallery in Philadelphia is open daily. The facility operates as a full-service Boutique hotel as well as hosting private events, corporate office functions and art gallery tours in historical Philadelphia.

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 ~ Contact us today! ~

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Delaware: 302-650-3153

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Sustainable and Organic Halloween

As the nights draw in and crunchy leaves carpet the ground,

thoughts start to turn to cozy nights, hot chocolate,

pajamas and in October… the fun of Halloween.

For most people, Halloween conjures memories of fun treats

and fall colors, making your own costumes and the time spent with family.

Our family enjoys a healthy, sustainable and organic Halloween without compromising on fun.

Sweet Treats Without the Trick

At this time of year, the shops are full of chocolate and sweets with enough sugar and artificial flavorings to make you weak at the knees. However, it is possible to find healthier alternatives. The benefits of going organic are endless, no matter the time of year!

Or, instead of going shop bought, why not try making your own healthy Halloween treats

Creative Costumes

Grab a witch’s hat or a skeleton costume from the store or get creative...

these are the days to make your own costume at home.

Here are some fun and sustainable alternatives:

Recycled costumes - Organize a COVID 19 friendly costume swap with friends to recycle previous years outfits. It is a good excuse for a get together and saves hassle, money and the environment by cutting down on shopping. After all, one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure!

DIY - Create your own fun costumes. It is surprising what can be done with odds and ends lying around the house. A dinosaur made of old sponges… A spider made of coat hangers… The kitchen cupboards hold a land of magic and opportunity! Our favorites are still the classics. Transforming an old, worn bed sheet into a ghost costume is always a winner.

Safety First

If you are going for face paint, make sure whatever you are putting on your face is good enough to eat. Take particular care to avoid makeup products containing lead and other toxins, especially for little faces. Check for an organic certification label too. To be absolutely certain your Halloween makeup is free from the nasty stuff, why not make your own fake blood? This fake blood recipe uses organic products like maple syrup, cranberry juice concentrate and a drop of red food coloring to create a realistic, oozing liquid to splatter on victims and dribble down chins!

Go Green with Decorations

Halloween can often result in a mountain of rubbish and non-recyclable waste cluttering our living rooms and filling our bins. Instead, go green with these decorating tips:

If you decide to host a Halloween party or get together, swap single-use plastic cutlery, disposable plates and paper tissues for real tableware and organic cloth napkins.

A simple way to make your celebration more sustainable and cut down on rubbish. If you do not fancy washing up, grab some compostable disposable plates and cutlery and put your feet up knowing you’ve done your bit for the environment for the day.

Time to get creative! Take this as an opportunity to get children involved and search the house for inspiration. Old cardboard boxes can be transformed into tombstones with some papier and a few licks of non-toxic paint. Or upcycle tin cans into flickering lights to line a walkway for friends. A few holes punched into the surface is surprisingly effective.

The Pumpkin

A grinning pumpkin is symbolic of the season and no Halloween celebration would be without it.


Source your pumpkin locally to cut down on your carbon footprint. A local farm shop is a safe bet as it is likely your pumpkin will have been organically farmed without pesticides. Once you’ve procured your pumpkin, it’s time to decorate. Nothing feels more like autumn than a glowing pumpkin at the window. Breathe easy with a non-toxic candle made of soy wax and essential oils with a cotton wick.

To get maximum use out of your pumpkin, store it in a cool place so it can feature as an autumnal decoration further into the season.

Once Halloween has passed, the flesh can be turned into a delicious, warming soup, while the seeds can be drizzled in oil and roasted for a healthy Halloween snack with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Once you have squeezed every last drop out of your pumpkin it is time to say goodbye and dispose of it sustainably. Composting your pumpkin is easy, simply break it up and bury it in the garden!

Time to Relax

Once the celebrations are over,

the crumbs have been cleared away

and the costumes are safely

back in the cupboard,

it’s finally time to relax.

~ Family Heirlooms are an important part of history ~


Philadelphia, PA 

Milton, DE

Millsboro, DE

Contact us today! 

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Tel: 215-694-0834 



Tel: 302-650-3153


- Inspired by History -

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Values that guide us

Bread n Butter Antiques LLC

- Fine Gifts & Interiors - 

We are working diligently to uphold our values of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.

All employees receive sensitivity training. 

Our code of conduct mandates that all members of our organization complete sensitivity and unconscious bias training.


Values that guide us...

We shall consistently provide our Guests with professional hospitality standards based on Quality and Values. During any task and duty that we are executing, we consistently apply the following values that are the core of Quality:

Efficiency -Each task within the service process needs to be completed in an economic way, without wasting any resources (time, effort, money, supplies etc.) whilst reaching the intended results (effectiveness) to ensure customer satisfaction 

Accuracy -Each task within the service process needs to be completed in a precise and exact way, without making any mistakes, and by paying attention to even the smallest details 

Innovation -The creativity of finding new ways and methods to complete each task and / or of introducing new ideas that add value and variation to each task 

Courtesy -Being polite and showing respect & genuine consideration and care for others is the core of hospitality 

Anticipation -always one step ahead of requests made by guests while completing each task within the service process 

#ethics -being conscience of right or wrong (moral) behavior towards others and oneself e.g. lying, cheating, stealing etc. 

#commitment - We ensure each task within the service process is completed by taking full ownership of it, taking responsibility, and respecting the standards of our organization at all times. We like to show our #loyalty to the company. #valuesthatguideus @bnbantiques  

Sustainability -A contribution of everyone to preserve the natural resources of our planet is crucial for the generations to come. In every task to be completed one needs to consider the possibilities to avoid pollution, waste and spillage as well as the opportunities for recycling.



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