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Sustainable and Organic Halloween

As the nights draw in and crunchy leaves carpet the ground,

thoughts start to turn to cozy nights, hot chocolate,

pajamas and in October… the fun of Halloween.

For most people, Halloween conjures memories of fun treats

and fall colors, making your own costumes and the time spent with family.

Our family enjoys a healthy, sustainable and organic Halloween without compromising on fun.

Sweet Treats Without the Trick

At this time of year, the shops are full of chocolate and sweets with enough sugar and artificial flavorings to make you weak at the knees. However, it is possible to find healthier alternatives. The benefits of going organic are endless, no matter the time of year!

Or, instead of going shop bought, why not try making your own healthy Halloween treats

Creative Costumes

Grab a witch’s hat or a skeleton costume from the store or get creative...

these are the days to make your own costume at home.

Here are some fun and sustainable alternatives:

Recycled costumes - Organize a COVID 19 friendly costume swap with friends to recycle previous years outfits. It is a good excuse for a get together and saves hassle, money and the environment by cutting down on shopping. After all, one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure!

DIY - Create your own fun costumes. It is surprising what can be done with odds and ends lying around the house. A dinosaur made of old sponges… A spider made of coat hangers… The kitchen cupboards hold a land of magic and opportunity! Our favorites are still the classics. Transforming an old, worn bed sheet into a ghost costume is always a winner.

Safety First

If you are going for face paint, make sure whatever you are putting on your face is good enough to eat. Take particular care to avoid makeup products containing lead and other toxins, especially for little faces. Check for an organic certification label too. To be absolutely certain your Halloween makeup is free from the nasty stuff, why not make your own fake blood? This fake blood recipe uses organic products like maple syrup, cranberry juice concentrate and a drop of red food coloring to create a realistic, oozing liquid to splatter on victims and dribble down chins!

Go Green with Decorations

Halloween can often result in a mountain of rubbish and non-recyclable waste cluttering our living rooms and filling our bins. Instead, go green with these decorating tips:

If you decide to host a Halloween party or get together, swap single-use plastic cutlery, disposable plates and paper tissues for real tableware and organic cloth napkins.

A simple way to make your celebration more sustainable and cut down on rubbish. If you do not fancy washing up, grab some compostable disposable plates and cutlery and put your feet up knowing you’ve done your bit for the environment for the day.

Time to get creative! Take this as an opportunity to get children involved and search the house for inspiration. Old cardboard boxes can be transformed into tombstones with some papier and a few licks of non-toxic paint. Or upcycle tin cans into flickering lights to line a walkway for friends. A few holes punched into the surface is surprisingly effective.

The Pumpkin

A grinning pumpkin is symbolic of the season and no Halloween celebration would be without it.


Source your pumpkin locally to cut down on your carbon footprint. A local farm shop is a safe bet as it is likely your pumpkin will have been organically farmed without pesticides. Once you’ve procured your pumpkin, it’s time to decorate. Nothing feels more like autumn than a glowing pumpkin at the window. Breathe easy with a non-toxic candle made of soy wax and essential oils with a cotton wick.

To get maximum use out of your pumpkin, store it in a cool place so it can feature as an autumnal decoration further into the season.

Once Halloween has passed, the flesh can be turned into a delicious, warming soup, while the seeds can be drizzled in oil and roasted for a healthy Halloween snack with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Once you have squeezed every last drop out of your pumpkin it is time to say goodbye and dispose of it sustainably. Composting your pumpkin is easy, simply break it up and bury it in the garden!

Time to Relax

Once the celebrations are over,

the crumbs have been cleared away

and the costumes are safely

back in the cupboard,

it’s finally time to relax.

~ Family Heirlooms are an important part of history ~


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