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The Art Gallery is located in historical Philadelphia. Gallery and Staff remain dedicated to the conservation and preservation of material culture. Director, Kurt Costello founded this mixed-use space in 2007. Excited to discover how decorative art and objects provide inspiration and perspective in an innovative way, Kurt has curated over 100 exhibits with a range of artists. The Art Gallery provides a platform for art and objects to come together at a location near the Fishtown Arts Corridor. Since establishing the Art Gallery, Kurt has demonstrated a true gift for presenting alternative and original curation. Exhibits incorporate national and international art and objects.

 Art Print - Renoir's Aline Charigot with Wood Frame

The Art Gallery in Philadelphia features amazing examples of why it is important to take our time and always consider the possibilities for recycling to avoid pollution. With art and other objects of material culture, the opportunities are endless.

Everyone at BnB Antiques & Art Gallery has a true appreciation for family heirlooms and their history.

We are inspired by history and remain focused on preservation.

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