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Inspired by History

"Without the pen of the author of Common Sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain.”

- John Adams -

 American Flag made in Philadelphia

- Museum of the American Revolution - 


Those who would give up essential liberty,

to purchase a little temporary safety,

deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin(1706-1790)


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 Plan - Prepare - Respond

The Contrived World

Three words that illuminate darkness are nature, knowledge and truth.
- 600 Year Old Juniper Tree -
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Bread n Butter Antiques

 - Material Culture -

The study of material culture centers upon objects, their properties, and the materials they are made of...

Truth Matters.
Goodness Matters.
Decency Matters.
Gratitude Matters.
Kindness Matters.
Family Matters.
Love Matters.

God Bless America!

Art Print by Norman Rockwell

"President John F. Kennedy Sr."

Art Print Reviewed by University of Delaware conservator and pending restoration.

There will always be demand for something that is handcrafted, premium quality, and of lasting value.


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Explore the luxury market of fine art and material culture.

Our organization has deployed the use of blockchain to offer digital asset tracking for objects sold by the Art Gallery. 


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Old keys do unlock new doors.

 Business Continuity - Daily Operations Report

In an emergency situation, our protective effort takes on special urgency and requires different methods from those employed during normal operations.
Emergency situations are unstable, high-tension events that can have outcomes as serious as loss of life, severe personal injuries, major property damage, and complete stoppage of legitimate business activities. An emergency situation including civil unrest may include the implementation of our advanced security profile in an effort to discourage others from harming our employees and facilities.
Our ability to show respect for others, no matter what, is an important part of our value system. 

We treat everyone with kindness and compassion.




The Annual Delaware Antiques Show

Date: November 5th 2021

Time: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm 


BnB Antiques added a new service – Delaware Notary Public 

Commissioned independent Delaware Notary Public,

approved and authorized to perform notarial acts in the State of Delaware.  

 All employees receive sensitivity training.
Our code of conduct mandates that all members of our organization
complete sensitivity and unconscious bias training.
Every family has a legacy to preserve...
 @bnbantiques Heritage Meets Technological Innovation
 Digital Asset Tracking #blockchain
 Dun and Bradstreet 

Bread n Butter Antiques, LLC is excited to report that we received our D-U-N-S Number and we are working diligently to complete our corporate profile. Dun and Bradstreet collects data from thousands of sources and puts it through a rigorous quality process before it creates a company file and assigns a DUNS number.

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We feature amazing examples of why it is important to take our time and always consider the possibilities to recycle.

We help material culture find its way around the world.

BnB Antiques is excited about an item from our collection that was purchased for a museum in Hong Kong.

This rare Nasco-Raggedy Ann Doll made in Hong Kong by The Bobbs-Merrill Company in 1975 traveled home to be on display at the Hong Kong Design Institute 


- Color -


The season brings cozy and warm colors to our homes

"Church In Winter"

Material Culture - Original Art Collection by M.E. Lafferty 

Every family has a legacy to preserve...
Family heirlooms and their history can be saved for future generations.

- Inspired by History -

~ Family Heirlooms are an important part of history ~


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  Plan - Prepare - Respond

The Contrived World



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