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BnB is for 'bread n butter' plates, our petite passion.

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 Strive to be of value

Doing Well By Doing Good

Our goal is an essential experience

that is good for the individual, family and the earth.

Conservation and preservation of material culture.

Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed

- President Abraham Lincoln -

In the beginning I was a collector of stamps.

My grandfather gave me an antique watch and our family entrusted me with a treasure trove of objects. Part of a family of collectors, I live in a home filled with art and antiques inherited from family. Understandably, there are some incredible antiques from the Philadelphia region from families that have lived in this region for over 330 years. Once you enter the Gallery, it is obvious that we love to collect beautiful objects for display in our curated exhibits.

Everyone in our family has a true appreciation for family heirlooms and our focus is on preservation and provenance.

I was the only son to get the collecting bug, and like most collectors, I started out early. Trunks, suitcases, and boxes sealed for generations, filled with objects that belong to our ancestors. Rooting around and unearthing precious items under the house one day, I decided I wanted to be involved with the conservation of historical objects in one way or another. I decided to study material culture and after many hours of study...I still have much to learn. I received my certification as a valuation professional and today remain focused on conservation. In my travels, I find many homes with art or objects passed down for many generations.

The Art Gallery has been transformed into a Boutique Hotel with unique guest rooms and breakfast served daily.

Guests have an opportunity to experience essential luxury in a historic Philadelphia home and neighborhood.


Etsy is our online Boutique

Bread n Butter Antiques

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Etsy is a pleasure to work with and it is amazing to see such beautiful items all in one place. There are many talented artists that it is easy to consider this venture more artistic than entrepreneurial.

I am a collector of material culture with a passion for provenance and photography. The Art Gallery is an alternative space to showcase art and objects. We invite artists to display their artwork along with the art and objects in the collection. The Art Gallery emerges from the perfect historical home to showcase our entire collection. Historically inspired interior design with a modern twist of essential luxury.

The BnB Antiques and Art Gallery in Philadelphia is open daily. The facility operates as a full-service Boutique hotel as well as hosting private events, corporate office functions and art gallery tours in historical Philadelphia.

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