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Digital Asset Tracking

Our organization has
deployed the use of blockchain
to offer digital asset tracking
for all valuation objects.

~ About Our Services ~

How does blockchain technology work?
Blockchain technology is actually rather easy to understand at a basic level.
Essentially, it's a shared database populated with entries that must be confirmed and encrypted.
Think of it as a kind of highly encrypted and verified shared Document,
in which each entry in the sheet depends on a logical relationship to all its predecessors.

Blockchain technology offers a way to securely and
efficiently create a tamper-proof log of sensitive activity

Every industry from international money transfers to shareholder records are preparing
to reduce fraud with the use of blockchain technology.

Free Initial Consultation 

Estates, Appraisals and Valuation Services

The Estates, Appraisals & Valuations Department can provide all the services needed to manage collections and manage the transition of such collections from generation to generation proactively or reactively. Our clients, whether private individuals, corporate or professional advisers, are responsible for the entire contents of numerous historic family homes, extensive corporate collections, or discrete collections assembled by connoisseurs. Estates, Appraisals & Valuations provides a single contact, the Account Manager, to guide clients through the valuation process and to offer them access to global specialist expertise of BnB.

Auction Estimates

BnB is able to react swiftly to prospective sale valuations, ranging from a few select works of art to large collections spanning multiple properties and art categories. We advise how best to offer the works for sale in order to achieve the highest returns and provide you with specialist service and guidance throughout the sale process.


BnB provides authoritative appraisals of the highest standard for fine and applied arts, and many collecting categories. We are able to offer a highly efficient service taking into account a client's requirements. BnB Estates, Appraisals & Valuations Department issues appraisals for the following purposes: 

  • Charitable Donation
  • Establish Cost Basis
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Tax
  • Financial Planning
  • Gift Tax
  • Insurance
  • Loan Collateral 

Appraisals & the Internal Revenue Service (US)

Estates, Appraisals & Valuations in the US has extensive experience providing appraisals that appear before the Art Advisory Panel of the Internal Revenue Service. BnB appraisals meet IRS standards and are in accordance with the industry’s generally accepted appraisal practices. Each year we provide hundreds of appraisals for IRS related purposes.

Collection Management

BnB appraisals and valuations may be easily transferred and managed on Codex, a leading digital asset tracking and collection management platform that set the standard for the global art industry. Codex is a platform to integrate all collection-care and management tools in a single experience that is comprehensive, engaging, mobile, and secure.

Removal & Storage

Where appropriate, Estates, Appraisals & Valuations Account Managers can oversee the arrangements for any insurance, packing and shipping. We can also provide storage for property awaiting sale with BnB. For any property not suitable for sale at BnB we arrange for competitive bids from regional firms ensuring a full and efficient solution for estates.

Thank You to all of our valuation clients!

When we are asked to provide a valuation for an item we are not able to appraise, we let the client know up front and utilize a network of contacts to find an expert.

Free Initial Consultation - A valuation may not always be expensive, however it may have value. I am certainly not interested in reviewing your objects, only to follow up with a document to explain why your art or objects are worth less than you expected.

We will never perform a valuation that we don’t believe serves the best interest of the client. At BnB Antiques, we have extensive hands-on experience and the ability to embrace the use of technology in our valuation process.

We are experienced professionals. We dedicate an extensive amount of time researching auction catalogs as well as attending live events. We are excited to be an organization completely immersed in the marketplace of material culture.

With a deep understanding of how to use and interpret online pricing databases, we are confident our services provide the expertise necessary to help anyone who would like a valuation of a work of art or decorative object.

Many of my clients today are concerned that precious family heirlooms will not be preserved for future generations.

  • Attention to detail and a humble devotion to integrity.
  • US-PAP compliant valuations that are prepared with expert knowledge and foresight.

Perhaps a valuation can be a simple list of objects with prices, but our organization works diligently to ensure every valuation we complete is about a whole lot more than just a list of stuff and how much it is worth.

Family history is priceless. If an item that has been passed down for many generations has significant meaning to a family, then it does change the value of the item. Most families are unwilling to part with family heirlooms despite their value in the retail marketplace. Many of our existing clients simply want to see important pieces saved for future generations.

  • We are dedicated to responsibility and required to show our work. 
  • During the evaluation of each item, we are doing our homework
  • Documenting the process, and making sure the valuation we provide is exceptional.

Hourly Rate

We take things step by step. We will never perform a valuation that does not serve the best interest of the client.

 Base rate is currently $175 per hour for field work and research, and $15 per hour for clerical work.

Kurt Costello - Valuation Professional

Consulting on objects for individuals, collectors, corporations and government entities

 ~ Valuation Services ~

Examples of Current Client Objectives:

Probate, estate, tax, and equitable distribution
Dissolution of marriage and business transactions
Expert witness testimony
Insurance Coverage
Damage Claims
Charitable contributions
General knowledge of values

Any family that has a recorded history for more than 100 years is significant for the purposes of historical conservation and preservation.

Items your family has collected may have historical significance and can be saved from being discarded or sold. Without a professional valuation, there is a risk that important family heirlooms and historical objects could be lost forever. Estate Sales are another way to accomplish this objective; however they often focus on liquidation of assets for monetary purposes. Our focus is always on conservation and preservation of family history for educational purposes.

What is Digital Asset Tracking?
In simple terms, Blockchain can be described as
a data structure that holds transaction
records and while ensuring security,
transparency and decentralization

We utilize Blockchain as a chain of linked records stored in
the forms of blocks, which are controlled
by no single authority 



I began a career path to the field of valuation by building up my knowledge base. I can walk into any estate and say ‘okay, this is a 17th century painting, this is a 19th century piece of silver, and, wait a minute, this is a contemporary piece of bronze'. In other words, prior to choosing a category of specialization, I became a generalist first and received a sufficient education that gives me an art historical background to assess a spectrum of items from different eras. Let’s not stop there. I also understand the art market; art valuation is, after all, a business skill. I received an education that gives me both the necessary art history knowledge as well as the ability to see art and objects within the context of today’s market, I have set myself up for a successful career.

Research - There are countless types of rare objects I have encountered in my valuation career and countless others I may come across as I explore the field. It is a lifelong apprenticeship and I will never stop learning, but it is impossible to know it all. This is where key research tools and skills come into play. The Internet provides a lot of the answers about objects under question as well as art market subscription tools, such as Artprice and Artnet. However, to really get the right answers, I consult a variety of bibliographical, auction trade, and primary art market sources. This process is part of a defined method that was developed to make sure to cross-reference (to cover all the bases), and paint a complete picture of an object’s past.

I am able to apply critical analytical skills in my effort to analyze the vast amount of data gathered, as not all sources are created equal. I have developed a methodology of valuation and figured out the sources that are most reliable. It is important for me to determine where I will start, how I will summarize the results, and most importantly I make sure that I take all criteria into consideration when conducting the research for our assessment—provenance, history of exhibition, scholarly publications, materials, dimensions, dates, and condition.

Planning - Valuation is an expanding field that is seeping out of its traditional borders of private and institutional collections, trusts, and estates. For instance, with the proliferation of banks, art advisories, and related businesses that lend money against works of art, there is now a growing need for knowledgeable professionals that can prepare appraisal reports for collateral loans and art leasing purposes.

The growth of online art auctions has likewise contributed to the expanding need. The online space of art and object sales transactions poses a greater challenge for telling apart what is real and what is not. As a valuation expert, I help establish the correct value and mitigate risk. As a valuation specialist, I may serve as a frequent aid to lawyers, called upon to testify on the authenticity or value of a work in cases of equitable distribution, debt, damage, loss, or fraud.

Valuation skills will always remain important within the art world. In fact, it is an indispensable career prerequisite—in order to go about any of the professional art trades, one must learn the basic skills of valuation.

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Our wish is to exceed expectations by providing all of the information

required to make a well informed, decision regarding preservation of family history

in the evaluation of art, antiques and collectibles.

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