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We are finding ways to bring a bit of hotel comfort and simple luxury into every home.

Follow these simple steps for turning any bed...
into one worthy of a five-star #luxury boutique hotel.

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Bed Linens - Luxury is Simple 
Every luxury hotel and home likely has a set of basic white bed linens. The good news is that by using basic bed linens, one may not need to purchase new linens. When it comes to having pillowcases and sheets around the house, look around and find enough bed linens and duvets to cover the bed. These steps will transform basic linens into a simple yet luxurious hotel style. Wash everything first, even if it is clean. Hotels use a sheet, then a blanket with duvet or perhaps another sheet all together as the main layer of bedding. Add a personal touch by including pillows and a blanket at the bottom of the bed.

Layers Upon Layers
First comes the bottom layer, start with a feather bed or foam topper if available but not necessary. Next, two fitted sheets are used to complete the first layer. Next, the top sheet is added and folded down at the top of the bed. If you'll be using another top sheet as the top layer, leave some extra at the top of this sheet to fold over the layer that comes in between. A down comforter gives any bed another luxury layer. A duvet cover or another top sheet is used as part of the main layer. The bed in the photo above has a feather bed, two fitted sheets, a top sheet, a down comforter, a duvet (or second top sheet) and a blanket at the bottom of the bed. A pillow can always be added for color and fun.

Pillow Protectors
Inexpensive and durable, pillow protectors can help each pillow. They not only extend the life of a pillow by protecting it, but they give pillows a distinct look under pillowcases. Using two pillowcases on each pillow will also work if you have extra and perhaps no time to purchase the pillow protectors.

Tuck Everything In
Take the extra time to tuck in the corners of the bedding as well as all other edges, this includes the edges of the pillow cases. The final result is a tailored and polished presentation that brings the feeling of comfort and simple luxury.

No Wrinkles - Iron/Steamer
Wrinkles are normal but may take away from the overall experience. Ironing is often suggested but by far the least favorite. Some suggest ironing the bed linens directly on the bed. We would like to suggest that everyone follow the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer of the iron or steamer in order to prevent damage. Manufacturer specifications may prevent using an iron or steamer in this capacity. Safety is always important to consider.

No Wrinkles - Lavender Water
Using a simple bottle of fresh water with lavender, spray water lightly over wrinkles, pull tight on the fabric and allow time to dry. Spray over bed linens, towels, curtains, throw pillows, furniture upholstery, and more. Lavender water is an easy way to naturally freshen fabrics with a light scent. Removing bedding from the dryer promptly can also help remove any wrinkles in the bedding and leave a pleasant smell. If there is no herb garden on site, fresh water in a spray bottle will remove the wrinkles safely.


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